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Ning Group Photo Album on BP and Static User Profile Pages

  • I currently use ning for a client and was interested in setting buddypress for them and had a few question as to the functionality.

    1. Right now each user can add/upload photo albums to their profile and groups as well as individual photos. Is this possible with buddypress and how?

    2. Is there a plugin or something in the back end to randomly display all photos in a slideshow type format or even just an album for all users to see on the front end.

    3. I was looking at the user profile page and wanted to know if theres a way to make it a little more robust like ning and have more user info on their profile page example.
    I like how the menu toolbars remain static while users on the example can change the background.

    Thanks in advance,

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  • Pisanojm


    We are using the BuddyPress Album plugin… So far it seems to be working… Check it out in the Extend section of buddypress.

    You can add any type of category/question to the profile…

    Looking for a something little more robust then Buddypress Album. I saw they have alot of new features in the works so I’ll keep an eye out. Anything else out there you know of?



    I use bp-gallery from and have been working on something a little similar to the expanded profile page. Right now, I find gallery a little more suited to my needs because it supports audio, video, and photos. I’m not sure what other requirements you’d need for a photo plugin. Hope this helps.




    We just posted a major new beta that we’d like people to help us test.

    Also, now that Google’s sponsoring us, we’ll be adding support for almost every imaginable content type over the next couple of months.




    This is exactly what I’m looking for… How far off are you from releasing the full version?

    If you’re looking for a plugin which allows members to customize their profile pages in much the same way as Ning (but without the drag and drop of page elements) there is a premium Advanced Profiles plugin available from

    It’s built by the same team who’ve developed Member Map and Listings apps from Ning (which I use on that platform), and I’m now using it on two BP networks. Members seem to use it intuitively, and the customer support is great. I know a lot of us either can’t afford/feel uncomfortable about paying for plugins, but it certainly works well.




    I’d say we’ll have a full release ready to post to the plugin repo in 2 or 3 weeks. Maybe sooner.


    That’s great because your the key component to our sites that were developing. I can’t wait to see the finished product, I love the tracking stats.


    BP Album+ it is :)

    Now All we need is a free plugin that I could test out allowing users to modify their profile section. I hope to hear from more of those people. Great communication so far!



    You are using the Buddy Press Photo Album.But i am using the web Photo Album got at Free Of cost in the site i registered the Domain Name for my website in there,They provided me Photo Album.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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