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No effective plugins for moderation!

  • psivait


    Yes, today is the worst day of my life. I am running a buddypress with wordpress multi-site. It’s all about an education and learning based portal. Although it has few members as of now, I was humiliated with a couple of spams today. Spams are not new to my website. They used to register and create blogs to back-link their websites! This is somewhat okay and can be deleted with acceptable delays by website admins.
    Today, I got few spams who have uploaded adult images, abusive and vulgar included posts and words in blogs! It was in LIVE for around 3 hours. What can I do??!! It is obvious that start-ups can’t invest to hire an assistant nor we have effective plugins to control the same. As soon as I saw it, I deleted it. It was a very bad day indeed!
    I sincerely request the entrepreneurs who are doing a good job here to help the aspiring and budding entrepreneurs like me to fight back against these kinds of menaces.
    I knew that there is no stand-alone stuff available to help us. However, people like me are working for more than a year to build our ideas and thoughts into actions. Due to this kind of issues, we can’t think of giving up the project and mind our ritual 9 to 5 job!
    Please spend your valuable time to share your thoughts here.

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  • @mercime


    Reality is that you would have to be proactive in killing those spam robots and human spammers if you have open registration. Search through shows many threads which share tips in plugins to use to prevent this and not all are 100% perfect since these spammers are really gung-ho about overcoming such preventions. Having said that, check out this thread –



    Here is a recap of some posts I posted at recently:

    I use Bp-Cosmic-Pro Theme built of of bp-mag and have about one spam registration per couple of weeks (and it’s usually a real person that registers and gets through)… They are caught within minutes of posting something ridiculous and marked as spammers by the admins.

    There are a number of reasons for that:

    1. It’s a closed/ register only site (but free to all), (note: I do not require e-mail validation either)
    2. I use BuddyPress Humanity Anti-Spam Plugin
    3. I use Si-Captcha Anti-Spam
    3. Multiple Profile fields are required to be filled-in at registration as an ANTI-SPAM measure – in part.
    4. I have a TERMS and use that Requires THE CHECKING of a box to register.
    5. I use the bad behavior plugin to keep out the crazies and use the Blocking-list feature of it.

    Occasionally, I get the I can’t register e-mail, but it is rare and there is a note for people to contact me if they can’t register properly… I have 1700 active (non-spam users) on my site and virtually no SPAM.

    I believe one of the keys to success here is that it is a “private site” and as such it’s not indexed (I realize this could be a problem for many sites, but not my niche site). So, sites don’t scrape it as a potential source to attack.

    I would also recommend the ANIMAL BuddyPress Captcha plugin.


    I usually think about SPAM protection in the form of a Castle for open community WordPress Sites:
    1. The Moat: Programs like Bad-Behavior and plugins that stop bots/scrapers before they get “through” to the site.
    2. The Gate/Drawbridge: Programs like Captchas, Math Challenges, Reverse fields that SHOULDN’T be filled in to “trap” bots from auto-filling.
    3. The Keep: Programs like Akismet.
    4. The Guards: Moderators with the ability to knock out spam when they see it.

    The biggest issue with BuddyPress is that THERE IS NO KEEP (no. 3 above) for the Activity Streams…
    As far as I know, there are not programs like Akismet or any of the “KARMA” / Comment anti-spam plugins that work for the BuddyPress group/activity/forum streams… DJ-PAUL has talked about making Akismet work on BuddyPress Streams at the site, but there is nothing yet that I know of yet –

    If anyone does know of something that will “auto-moderate” the BuddPress Stream updates/comments, please let me know… ;)




    I would like to add that I’m also looking for a mod/hack/plugin that would allow someone OTHER than administrators at the ADMIN USER ROLE LEVEL to mark spammers and edit text on all of the streams while NOT giving the access to the ADMIN-side of the Back end… a real problem on our site…. because of this I have few ADMINS with the ability to do this type of BASIC “global” moderating across all groups/forums, etc…

    @pisanojm you raise some very valid points about spamming over here… but tell me, why is it that you chose to avoid the “confirmation email link” option… its a sureshot way of overcoming most of the automated spam-bots out there… yes, you can still have manual registrations who want to mess with your site… but this is something we just have to deal with.

    Max we as admin can do is to spot the bad guys (community flagging), and delete there stuff as well as bar them from registering again… atleast thats my opinion.


    Put a noindex on your signup link. Look at your access logs – I bet the majority of spammers do a google search then hit your site.



    I use bp-moderation for that, Pisanojm. It’s abandoned, I think, and has UI problems in the backend, but users can flag content and it shows up in the backend for me. It’s clunky and I wish it was still being actively developed, but it works fine once you’ve edited the admin screen hooks per this to make sure the UI shows up in the dashboard.



    Thanks a lot for all of you for taking your precious time here! I sincerely appreciate your suggestions.
    @Andrea_r could you please help me on your point? How to put a noindex on my buddypress registration link? By doing so, will it affect SEO of my website?
    @Pisanojm I’m also looking for an access-role other Administrators who can moderate the website by marking as spam, deleting irrelevant users etc. If any wordpress consultant guides us, would be grateful..!!



    @psivait What @andrea_r is talking about robots.txt and rel=“nofollow” to noindex the link?

    `User-agent: *
    Disallow: /register/`


    In your child theme: sidebar.php
    `<?php printf( __( ' You can also create an account.’, ‘buddypress’ ), site_url( BP_REGISTER_SLUG . ‘/’ ) ) ?>`

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