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No Email Sent Registered Users – 2 Pending Lists showing

  • wadece1979


    I am currently using the GameDay theme and after installing buddypress I now have two pending lists when I go to my users. this is causing issues with my registration process. I tried switching themese and still have pending link show up twice.

    I have attached a screenshot here.

    I also have deactived all other plugins except buddy press.

    Can anyone help point me in the right direction as to what would be the cause here ?

    It is not going to their spam either…. Just not emails going out. I notice the weird two Pending list when i go to the users page which I do believe is the reason.

    Now I am just unsure why it would be showing two.. If I deactive the bbpress plugin things go back to one pending list and all work’s ok.

    Once I reactive Buddypress. Things stop working

    Many thanks in advance

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  • r-a-y


    I have both bbPress and BuddyPress installed on a single site install and the “Pending” link only shows up once.

    Can you copy and paste the “Pending” links?

    You can just paste in the part after the question mark (?) from the URL. I’m most interested to see what is causing the second “Pending” link to show up.

    Your issue is probably caused by a plugin conflict or a rogue code snippet somewhere.

    Regarding your email issue, are you able to send out any non-BuddyPress related emails?

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