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No groups and no friends

  • Hi

    I have successfully installed and almost aligned bp on my current theme iFeaturePro 4 (with great help from this forum I might add :-D )
    I am running an multisite enabled version of wordpress 3.3.2 and bp 2.0.2

    I’am not able to create groups and search for friends. I am, however, able to add friends if i visit the on the ‘go to random memeber’ tab.

    Does anybody have an idea of how to solve these issues?

    Thx in advance

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  • @mercime


    As Super Admin, you should be able to create groups anytime. Go to Groups Directory and beside the title of the page, you’ll find the “create groups” button. Or just add “create” in browser e.g.

    As for friends, you mean under your profile avatar, there’s no “Friends” tab/link?

    Hi Mercime resolves in a 404, also when logged in as superadmin, and I am unable to find any ‘create group’ button.
    There is a ‘Friends’ tab, but I’m not able to search any friend or see who is part of the community.



    – Make sure you still have BP Template Pack plugin activated
    – Check whether you have the create.php file in your theme folder in server wp-content/themes/ifeature/groups/create.php
    – deactivate plugins except BuddyPress and Template Pack and check if you can create a group.

    Btw, you have `font-family: ‘Nosifer’, cursive;` text showing up right under the adminbar and right before your header image.

    BP Template Pack activated – check on!
    create.php in wp-content/themes/ifeature/groups/create.php – checked and modified to my theme (thx again btw :-) )
    All plugins disabled, still no ‘create group’ button, but able to create group via the /create extension.

    I know about the font-family: ‘Nosifer’, cursive; and it is driving me MAD, MAD I say :-) searched everywhere but I can’t locate where it is hardcoded in. Got a colleague of mine on it who claims it’s a easy job, with no luck so far :-)


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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