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Not a spammer but marked as a spammer?

  • janec


    I did a forum search and saw that most of the topics deal with spammers and spam registrations. I have a different problem –

    I invited someone I know to register on my new buddypress install and I couldn’t find him on the members list –

    I looked on the user list and copied and pasted his membership profile and saw that his profile was marked as a spammer, visible only to admins but no one else.

    I have tried changing this person’s roles but I can’t unmark him as a spammer. How do I do this?

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  • Brajesh Singh


    If you are on Wordoress Mu


    search his username and check it, then there is a button above the listing for Not Spammer, that should do it.



    thanks – but I am not on MU – I am on a regular wordpress v. 2.9.2 using the buddypress plug-in.

    The same thing is happening for another one of my sites where I am using a buddypress plug-in for wordpress 2.9.2. That new user was marked as a spammer even though she is definitely not one!



    OK…. I think I know the problem – members who do not click on the activation link will be marked as spammers automatically!

    There is just one problem – when I test-registered with one of my email addresses (I used gmail) – gmail automatically trashed the confirmation email AND puts a big red warning sign that said the message was potentially a phishing email.

    NO WONDER… my users are probably thinking that it was a fake email or a phishing email IF they even see the confirmation email at all.

    Is this an issue that is being brought to attention with buddypress developers?

    The users who register need to activate their accounts. They are not marked as a spammer (user_status = 1) they are marked as not active (user_status = 2). Until they activate their account they cannot log in.

    If your emails are being marked as spam or phishing then this is likely something to do with the domain or IP address of your site. It has probably been black flagged.



    Add the standard instructions to your registration page for new users to whitelist in their email accounts.



    Is there anyway to manually activate a users account? How can you manually “Un Spam” a user?



    Go to the and use the pull down from the admin bar to mark the account as “not a spammer”

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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