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Not Getting BuddyPress Bar Notifications or Email Notifications

  • VegasKev88


    I’m in the last testing phases of my site before and launch and I’ve hit a snag. I’m running WP 3.5 with BP 1.6.2.

    I have the group invites plugin enabled for group invites and the invite anyone plugin for membership invites.

    I tried to send an invite for membership to a friend and he did not get it. I thought that maybe it just hit his spam folder by accident, so I manually added him.

    Once he was added, I invited him to the dev group for the site. I got the green status bar notification telling me that the invite was successful.

    I was logged into his account in a different browser and I waited/refreshed for at least 15 minutes and the notification icon has stayed at zero.

    I clicked on the notification icon, thinking it was just slow to update, and there still were no notifications.

    He thoroughly checked his spam one more time and no email notifications either.

    I then created a dummy account with another email of mine, and I got the same results.

    Then I tried to send friend requests. No notifications for those either.

    Oddly enough, I have two demo users that I created a couple of weeks ago, and when they send private messages to each other, they do receive the notifications in the buddybar.

    So it seems that goup invites, membership invites and friend invites are the ones that are not functioning as needed.

    Any thoughts on this would be awesome. I saw several threads similar to this from a few years ago, but nothing relative or recent from what I can see. Thanks in advance.

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  • VegasKev88


    did some more testing to find the source. haven’t found the source, but when i have noticed that the notifications do show up in the invitee’s wp-admin bar notification icon, just not in the buddy bar.

    I’ve also switched back to the default theme and still no notifications in the buddy bar. An suggestions/fixes/ideas would be awesome.

    Thanks in advance.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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