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Not receiving PM notifications via email.

  • Avi M


    Hi there

    I moved my site to Bluehost this week and I’m running into all sorts of issues. The latest seems to that people are net getting sent email notifications when they have new messages on the site.
    New messages are displaying in buddy bar at the top of the site though.

    From what I can see the PM system is activated in BP settings and I know I am set to receive email notifications when I have a new message but I and others are NOT receiving any.

    Anyone see this and know how to solve it?


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  • Avi M


    The above can be discarded as the problem has been resolved. It seems that I needed to set up an email account via bluehost. No idea why but at any rate seems to be solved.

    Alex Azimov


    hi Avi M,

    I am having the same problem. Also with Bluehost and initially I had a problem with activation e-mails. Nothing was sent and the new user could not activate the account as there were no e-mail of notification. Then I was advised to set up an e-mail account with them and still the problem persisted. After that I had install the Configure SMTP plugin which solved the activation e-mail problem only. Still there are no e-mails/notifications being sent sitewide. Can not figure out what I should do.
    Can you tell me if you installed any additional plugin for this at all? How did you set up an e-mail address from Bluehost. Before I set an e-mail address and started using the Configure SMTP plugin, the general @box… e-mail was used which apparently was the default address.

    Please share with us what you have done with bluehost.
    thanks in advance.

    have a similar problem, have set SMTP plugin and some emails get sent: registration, membership notification etc. but not notifications. Solutions?

    Well, updating password for SMTP plugin is always a good starting point. My bad. Working fine now.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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