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Notifications and happenings

  • Katalo



    I have two questions, I do not need the whole solution but a nod in the right direction would be really awesome! I have some knowledge of php and some java.

    1. I want get comments from posts in the activity stream. Today, all the comments made on posts (i.e. on events and other) are not displayed in the activity stream which make some of them go in unnoticed. Is there a way to include an exerpt of the comments?

    2. I want a notification system like the one on facebook, where messages and mentions are displayed with count in the header. I know this is displayed in the “admin menu” in the top right corner where it says “Howdy, nickname”. How do I call the function in another div?

    Im am very greatful for every answer and, as mentioned, a nod in the right direction is very a appreciated.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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