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[Resolved] Notifications Behaviour

  • Paul Bursnall


    I’d like to check my site is behaving correctly with notifications. In the WP admin bar the notification may change from a zero to 1 upon browser refresh. This is not consistent, sometimes it updates, other times it doesn’t. And that number will never climb above 1, no matter how many notifications are pending – you can see the actual number pending but only by hovering over it. And if you refresh the browser window enough times, the number will change back to zero, regardless of whether the notifications have been read or not.

    Is this really the intended behaviour?

    I’m using Buddyboss 3.1.5 and the notifications count on a user profile page does at least climb until all pending have been counted. Refresh the browser once more, and as above the number resets to zero, regardless of the read/unread status.

    I see the same behaviour with Twenty Twelve so I’m guessing it’s not a theme issue, but the functionality seems odd to me? If that is how it works, I’ll turn it off since it would appear broken to standard users.

    WP 3.8.1
    BP 1.9


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  • I think we may have changed/fixed the count behaviour for the upcoming 2.0 release, but I am not sure and can’t test at the moment.

    In terms of refreshing the screen causing the count to clear. It depends on what screen you’re refreshing and what type of notification you’re looking at, but generally speaking, yes this is intended.

    Paul Bursnall


    I’ll have a look at 2.0 when it’s ready. If a count feature hasn’t been implemented I’ll have to look at changing it from the numeric character to an icon to purely indicate notifications are present. I’m just trying to look at everything from a users point-of-view who may never have usd the BP interface. The ‘1’ means very little, or implies only a single notification.

    In terms of screen refreshing from what I can tell, the notification type isn’t relevant, the count will be cleared regardless. In comparison to Facebook notifications for example, they are only cleared when the user has seen the notification summary at a minimum. BP just clears them with a screen refresh. If this behaviour is the same in 2.0 I’ll be disabling it, I don’t think it’s user friendly. A notification could be too easily lost unintentionally.


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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