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Nouveau template pack does not work with pjax/ajax based theme

  • jgasba


    I’m trying to use BuddyPress with a pjax based theme (Waveme) and it does not work.

    When I click on “Messages” on a members page nothing appears other than the nav and subnav. Clicking the tabs do not display any content.

    Only when I do a hard refresh does it display the Messages and allows the user to switch tabs to see sentbox, messages, or compose form.

    When I use Heritage template page the content is displayed. Stylesheet does not seem to load but content is displayed. When using Nouveau, the page stays empty and no content is loaded at all.

    Does anyone have any tips on how to solve this? Is there any action or script I have to call on page load so that it initiates BuddyPress when in the members page?

    for context:
    WP: 6.4.1
    BuddyPress: Version 12.0.0-beta4
    BuddyPress template: Nouveau
    Theme: Waveme. the theme is music based, and it uses pjax so that the currently played music does not stop while navigating.
    ✅ checked with only theme + BuddyPress enabled in troubleshoot mode: problem still happening
    ✅ tested on default plugin/core/theme files. No template overload.
    🐛 Console or PHP do not return any error.

    ps: I have tried more complex things but after troubleshooting it in depth I realized it was a root problem between theme and buddypress.

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