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Only admin can not view own profile

  • Maylene


    I am new to BuddyPress so this may be a simple problem. I installed the BuddyPress plug in (version on my WP website the other day and everything seems to have gone smoothly. The only problem I’m having is that I can not view my admin profile on the website. Whenever I click on my name or go to my account->Profile, it links me to the home page. I tried making another account and I am able to view and edit that user’s profile. When I tried clicking on my admin account name when signed in as a regular account, it still links to the home page.

    I tried searching for this for the last few days but I can not find anyone with a similar problem. What am I doing wrong?

    Thanks for your help,


    Add: I have WordPress version 2.9.2

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  • Did you rename your wordpress admin user account?

    Hi, not to hijack a thread.. but I have the exact same issue at I can view someone else’s profile but not my own.

    I did rename my wordpress admin user account. I tried renaming it back. I still have the same problem… however.. for some reason.. when I click on my profile name it shows up as So instead of just gavin-walsh, it throws a 2 on the end.

    How could this be fixed?

    I have another problem that could possibly be related. When I go to and try to register, it just reloads the page and no one is registered.

    I should add that I am using FastCGI for PHP and it’s the latest version of wordpress and buddypress.

    Thanks a lot!


    Just a quick update.. the second problem I mentioned in the above post relates to the theme I’m using I believe. The first problem is still an issue with seeing my member page.





    Yes, I’ve renamed the admin user account so the name is not “Admin” at all. It just reroutes to the home page any time I try clicking on the name or go through the toolbar to get to the profile.

    If you wanted to take a look, the homepage is: . I’m the only one who has posted on the site so far, so you’ll know which user name is mine.



    Is there anyone who has any ideas? I’ll bump this once and let it die if no one else responds…but I hope you do!



    Don’t know if this will help or if I just got lucky, but I did you happen to install WP manually?

    I had similar problems and problems with uploading avatars on WP when I used Fantastico, that I wasn’t having on a WPMU installation. Out of curiosity I installed the single WP directly, and I no longer have problems with seeing my profile or avatars. Then again, you’d have to have a fresh install, which I know isn’t possible for everyone to do, but at least for me it solved the problem.

    Nothing against Fantastico, but I had similar problems when I’d used it for a Drupal site. Lots of errors with some modules that dissapeared when I installed manually.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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