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OpenSocial support

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  • xspringe


    I remember that the last roadmap contained plans for adding open stack support so there’s clearly demand for such functionality. I would personally love to see this kind of support added as well.



    My #1 request for BuddyPress is that I be able to link two separate installs – on two different domains. What I want to do is to allow users registered on one install/domain have full access on the other install/domain. I would NOT want universal login. The preferred method would have an option to include trusted domains. Once that was done on both sites, the logins/functions of both sites would be available to all registered users of either site.

    Is that what you had in mind? If so, I would like to help with the testing. At present, I have two full MU/BP installs on two separate domains that are both in testing mode. Neither has production blogs or users. Both can be dumped and rebuilt without any loss of data. So, is that a valid sandbox? I can keep one of the domains in test mode for a month (or even more if it is really necessary.) I would like to open the other domain for production within a couple of weeks.

    Contact me at webmaster (at) btloc (dot) net if I can be of help.

    Open Social is a huge jigsaw puzzle, some of which looks more well done than others. Could anyone interested specifically say what part of Open Social they’d want, be a bit specific?

    My suggestion would be to enable a BuddyPress social network as a container, so applications developed for other social networks run on BuddyPress social networks too. It will help to drive traffic to the BuddyPress social network, this is essential for its success.

    Are there not open social widgets for WordPress you can use already?



    What I’d want:

    1. WordPress widget system capable of adding Open Social gadgets

    (I think there’s one plugin, but the last time I saw it was outdated.)

    2. xprofile, where user can add their own gadgets to customize

    Either way, should most probably help developers.




    developer who wants to work with the PHP version of Apache Shindig.



    Without an application platform like Facebook / MySpace, (i.e. full opensocial container support), BuddyPress sites will always have a severe handicap. iPhone isn’t popular just because it’s a good phone – iPhone is popular because of the app support. WordPress gives us a platform with some terrific plugins, but WordPress plugins aren’t social by nature. OpenSocial apps are. And that makes all the difference.



    Maybe an opensocial container plugin is needed or developer who wants to work with the PHP version of Apache Shindig.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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