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Original index template replaced by Buddypress index

  • astromono


    Hi there, I recently installed Buddypress on multisite and found out that I can no longer reach the main index template from the editor as a Network Admin. Instead of the code for my original index (the one from the theme previous to the installation), now I find a different code that’s from Buddypress.

    The site is running as it should, but I can’t edit the main index. Was the code moved to some other place in my server or what?

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  • @mercime


    == I can no longer reach the main index template from the editor as a Network Admin ==

    If you mean files in child theme of bp-default theme, that has been reported

    If on other themes, please provide more information or steps to replicate problem.



    Nope, not on a child theme or the bp-default.

    I’m running Buddypress on a multisite install with subdomains. My main domain is and i have two other subdomains: (with comicpress) and (with buddypress). When I try to edit the theme that’s on the main domain, I go to Network Admin, look for the theme and then try to edit the main php template (index.php).

    Before I installed Buddypress, I got access to the main php template just fine, but now when I try to edit it, I get the Buddypress main php template instead of the one that comes with my theme. This issue was happening before I installed and used the BP Template Pack in order to make my theme compatible with BP.

    I’m having the same issue! My index.php was overwritten with what I’ve found is the buddypress forums/index.php page… so I’ve tried reverting to my original index.php (by deleting the BP code and pasting my original template code in)… and it’s not reflecting changes I’m making to the code on the front end. So, I figure it’s still referring to that original index file… somewhere! And it’s displaying something else within the WP Theme Editor.

    I also installed the BP and BP template pack plugins to try and integrate them with an existing theme that I’ve already done a lot of work on, it’s not a specific BP theme.

    Eeeek! If anyone can help, that’d be much appreciated. And I promise to be indebted to you forever and extoll your virtues to anyone who’ll listen. ;)

    Ok, I figured what is happening is *something* (either BP itself or the BP Template Pack) is changing the link in the WP editor to point to the forums/index.php file, instead of the theme’s index.php file.

    I edited the homepage on my website by going directly to the themes folder via FTP and downloading the template’s index file, then resaving it in the same location. Annoying, and not sure why/when/by what the change has been made, but there’s a workaround.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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