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Overriding ajax.js and ajax.php

  • fzeidan


    Hello again,

    I’ve copied the _inc structure over to the pb-default folder, however the ajax.js and ajax.php are not being recognized in the default theme. They continue to get picked up from the parent theme.

    viewing the page output, it shows that the parent js script is referenced and not the child/default theme, but not sure that has something to do with it.

    What or where do I need to change it to fix it?

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  • It looks as if this should be working. Can you clarify if you are creating a child theme from bp-sn-parent?



    I am, I actually copied the entire parent over to the child. Everything works fine except functions.php and the ajax components.

    I don’t mind troubleshooting it myself, but not sure where to start looking. Where in the code does it control which component to load, child or parent?

    I am now thinking of getting rid of the parent all together and just keep a straight theme. I don’t really like this parent child theme. I like the parent as a guiding factor,but not as the controlling theme.

    Any issues with doing so other than updates not taking effect on the now non-existing parent theme?

    Jason Giedymin


    No stopping you from doing that.

    In the end it ‘is only a theme’.

    The only negative factors (and I have experience with this) is any time there are issues or changes done to the ‘parent’ theme you either have to merge or your done for.




    I am having this same problem (I copied ajax.php to my child theme, but BP is still loading ajax.php from the parent theme).

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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