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Page Not Found within BP from Members tab: File location problem?

  • Shelli


    VERY NEW – so please excuse my ignorance folks

    Wordpress (Single-user) 3.0
    WP installed as a subdirectory (
    Was a fresh install of WP 3.0
    WP functioning properly – but not used to speak of – was intended for installing Buddypress. Things looked good, defaults, etc.
    Buddypress Version, fresh install
    There are a number of plugins, but all but BP have been deactivated, problem persists
    Problem occurs on default, a Milo theme (i.e. Spyker, Detox, etc.), whatever I try
    No mods to the core files.
    No custom functions
    bbPress came with the copy of BP I installed
    OODA Domains provides my hosting service (is a Godaddy reseller, from what I understand)
    It is a Linux, Apache, with PHP 5.x

    I installed Buddypress through the WP interface, changed the permalinks. I uploaded themes manually in .zip form through the WP interface.

    Everything seems to work fine on the site except I get this when clicking on the “members” tab:
    “Page Not Found
    The page you were looking for was not found.”

    It’s an error within the buddypress install / not a generic one on my server. When I click on members, this is the syntax in the url:

    I don’t see a “members” folder in my install anywhere when I look at folders via FTP. (Besides, obviously my overall WP install in .com/members)

    When I had Spyker, Bruce, or New Yorker activated, I also got an error on the front page about a file not being found related to members.

    When I click on the other available tabs (activity, groups, forums, about) I don’t get the page not found message. I do get “there were no groups found” but I don’t have any groups or forum posts yet, so that seems quite right. Since I do have some test blog posts up, there is activity and when the activity tab is clicked, you can see those posts.

    I’ve done a lot of reading on the forum and via google searches regarding 404 / links / page not found errors. Many seem to involve WPMU and / or a Windows server – I note something like “IIs” re: Windows is mentioned.

    Since I have a Linux / Apache install, I am hesitant to apply any fixes related to a Windows server issue.

    I note in reading some of the threads here, that @jeffsayre references that Buddypress must “live solely” within the plugins.

    Here’s what I’d like to clarify:
    The default Buddypress theme is in the plugins folder under /bp-themes
    In reading the readme file it SEEMS like I installed additional BP themes as per instructions – it doesn’t specify to install via FTP manually to the bp-themes folder.

    WHERE are themes supposed to be installed? In the wp-content/themes folder or in wp-content/plugins/buddypress/bp-themes folder?

    IF the themes have to be installed to the bp-themes folder how do you activate them? There doesn’t seem to be anyway to force WP via the dashboard to look anywhere specific for the themes.

    IF Buddypress is supposed to live solely in the plugins folder, does that mean EVERYTHING needs to be installed in the subfolders in wp-content/plugins/buddypress/ ??

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  • The default BuddyPress theme, under bp-themes, is the correct place. Any other themes go into wp-content/themes/ as usual. There’s code-magic that makes the WordPress theme page look in the bp-theme folders for the default theme.

    I believe your problem is your install path. To quote, “WP installed as a subdirectory (” BuddyPress uses the url “/members/” for its members component. BuddyPress gets confused when you install it in a directory with the same name as one if its components (it can’t parse the URL).

    To fix: either reinstall WordPress into the root of your site, or in another directory that’s not called “members”, or try putting this into your wp-config:

    define ( ‘BP_MEMBERS_SLUG’, ‘users’ );

    This will change BuddyPress’ “members” URL to “users”, so will look like



    Thank you very much. That makes a lot of sense, of course. Trying now, will report back.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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