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Pagination of signup form?

  • Once I found a topic here ,about the pagination of signup form .A guy asked about the ,modifying of signup form in to three or some steps . And he got an answer too . I am searching for that topic and not able to find it.Could any one help me with that?

    I know PHP and CSS . I can able to do it myself,if find a guidance .

    Thanks in advance !

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    If you used that account when replying to the thread, it should be in your history (activity stream) at the bottom.

    If it isn’t, it is a possibility that the thread may have been deleted.

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    Threads almost never get deleted. Maybe locked, but almost never deleted.

    Definitely look on your profile page and keep clicking the more button to see all the activity you’ve had if you replied on the thread.

    Thanks for your response !
    I have not replied to that topic. just I found that topic while browsing

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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