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Paid Help?

  • Does Buddypress have anything comparable to the WP jobs site, or do I just do it in the forums? I need to post a request for a custom plugin.

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  • techguy


    It seems that most people have just posted the jobs in the forums. I think there use to be a place, but if I remember right it’s gone or not functioning now.

    Once you post the job, the mods will usually lock your thread. I’d reach out to some developers too. There easy to find on twitter. Here’s a Twitter list I’ve started of BuddyPress peeps:

    Roger Coathup


    Yes, I don’t know why the job board was taken down, nor why the forum threads get locked (almost crusade like). If the threads are locked they quickly disappear off the front page, so are never seen by the vast majority. It’s a really valuable service for more than a few BuddyPress users and developers.

    We’ve resorted to posting in our status about opportunities. It’s frustrating, we have some great opportunities to augment our BuddyPress development team, but no way to advertise them effectively.

    @techguy – please add us to your list on twitter (@21inspired)


    @r-a-y follows a similar approach to’s forums.

    This is a worthy agenda topic for the next dev meeting though.

    Look out for the next one here:

    Add the topic as an agenda item when the time comes.



    @rogercoathup I’ve added you to my BuddyPress Twitter list. I’d be happy to add anyone else that’s interested and tweets about BuddyPress.

    thanks but I don’t Twit (tweet?), so that won’t help me :(

    so…I guess I just post it at the wp jobs board then? This is kinda lame :/

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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