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Pass WordPress login to BuddyPress

  • I have two WordPress installs going on …

    1. A standard WP install, with the Password plugin (to make private) for the news side
    2. A WP install with BuddyPress on a subdomain for the “community side”

    Is there any way to “pass” along the login information when they login to the initial WordPress side? I don’t want my members to have to login twice – once to see the news, and then again to login to the community.


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  • @mercime


    Your second WP install in subdomain should be installed in the same database (with different prefix) with your first WP install. Btw, backup your database before trying this. So in wp-config.php of the second WP install, just before “That’s it, you can stop editing” you should also add:
    define(‘CUSTOM_USER_TABLE’, ‘wp_users’);
    define(‘CUSTOM_USER_META_TABLE’, ‘wp_usermeta’);

    Having said that WP 3.0 is around the corner, when you upgrade you can make your install multisite and define BuddyPress in subsite in subdomain or subdirectory structure, and you have one log-in for members to access both areas.

    Great info mercime – – we’ll give it a shot!

    Mercime – I guess I neglected to mention – not using MU for this, its on plain ol WordPress (and on 3.0 RC2) – – – so I’m guessing what you mentioned can only be accomplished using WPMU?

    Chuck Sweatt


    This is fantastic — thank you mercime for providing this information.



    @seanbaugh What I posted above was for two single WP installs. I have to add that if you’re going to do the above, make sure that the 1st WP install and the 2nd WP install have the same versions. So if existing install is WP 2.9.2, then your second install must also be WP 2.9.2 – can’t guarantee it will work if you use different versions. Just backup your 1st install’s database first if you want to experiment with different versions.

    @chucksweatt :-)

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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