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Pending Activation

  • leo1951


    Buddypress: Version 2.7.4
    Wordpress: WordPress 4.7.2 running MesoColumn theme

    Hello Forum, I have being searching and reading the many threads about the Buddypress activation email not being sent and is not coming up with a solution and it seems that this issue goes back very far.

    With out Buddypress activated I am able to get the registration email. I am also using Easy WP SMTP.

    Is there any input that can guide me?

    Many Thanks


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  • djsteveb


    @leo1951 – if you switch to default 2015 theme – does the same issue occur?

    are you sure the emails are not being sent? OR.. could it be that when bp is running, the emails that are sent are “blockholed” by the liked of geemail and aol mail services?

    similar situation for me – then I registered an account using my own non-filtered catch all email going to my domain name – and it came right through.. so the issue was really related to getting through the gates of the big providers – not an issue with bp sending them exactly.

    there was a plugin a while back.. hmm. maybe its par tof core now.. is you go to users -> sub menu manage signups – do you have such a menu on yours or is this plugin created?

    try resending and checking your junk fail folders – and then check your server for error logs and bounces perhaps.



    Thanks for the response, djsteveb.

    Every thing is using my own dedicated server. Therefore, I have access to all functions.

    With buddypress deactivated all works and its the same theme that is working on the old site. Also, I do not think it could be a theme issue since that I can resend the activation email from the backend but it is still not coming. Also, I see not error message in my log unless that I am missing the message, which I am going back to test again.

    I suggestion that I have in mind could be a compatible issue between Buddypress 2.7.4
    and WordPress 4.7.2 but since buddypress was set-up on the old site when wordpress was version 3 and when through the many upgrades it still works on that old site.

    I am just having thoughts since I cannot see the issue and from the searches this issue goes back a long time and there seems to be no one fix.

    I have tried with and without Easy WP SMTP.



    Hi @leo1951

    Are you using any email plugins for WordPress that you require to successfully send emails? Or SMTP config? Or anything custom in php.ini?

    It’s not clear if “Easy WP SMTP” is required for your WordPress installation to send emails.
    If you are not using SMTP to send email via a remote email server, are you running something like sendmail to do that from the server? If so, can you check that program’s outgoing email? Log file? See if you can find evidence if it’s actually receiving the email.

    @dcavins Did one of you have a plugin that logged if BP’s emails were sent successfully or not (from an internal point of view)? I can’t remember who it was.

    @djpaul: Nope. I’ve added lots of fwrite() statements to track behavior, but nothing in plugin form. Sorry.

    Not I as well, sorry.



    Hi, I’m having the activation email issue as well. I’m running exactly the same install as I was on a another site 2 weeks ago (before upgrading to WP 4.72) that worked fine. This one I can’t even send messages manually. I’m a plug and play person; no coding skills. If these things don’t work, I don’t know where to begin. Guidance is appreciated.
    WP 4.72
    WP default 2017 theme
    all plugins disabled except BP

    @kavsc2 Please make your own support request. These tend to be very different fixes.



    Thanks for the responses.

    I do not need any Easy WP SMTP plugin running on any WordPress site to send mail. I am only adding it because I want email sent from a specific site to use my preferred return email. Also, not all of my domains are setup to sign outgoing emails so with Easy SMTP I can determine from which domain emails will be sent from.

    I will close this subject for now while I investigate more.

    Thanks, everyone for valuable feedback.



    good to see you are taking time and sharing great share with us .

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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