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Performance – very slow site…

  • RaphaelJeger



    first let me thank all of the developers of WP, BP – it’s a great system and I have great use out of it. However, the performance of our site is pretty low. Here are the URLs:
    - (this is the core of the site which is NOT wordpress or buddypress but my own code)
    - (this is the BP activity stream)
    - (this is the bbPress sitewide forums, we don’t use group forums)
    - (this is the Blog)

    First, to the numbers:
    WP 3.4.2
    BP 1.6.1
    bbPress 2.2.2
    PHP 5.3.18
    DB mySql 5.5.25 on localhost via UNIX-socket
    php memory-limit 128MB (shared hosting)
    APC shm_size 32MB

    Usage data:
    -557 registered users
    -10’000 unique visitors per month

    Installed plugins:
    -bbPress string swap
    -BP labs
    -BP Members Avatar Map
    -BP Xtra signup
    -Buddypress Activity Plus
    -Buddypress Mass Messaging
    -BuddyPress Usernames Only
    -GD bbPress Tools
    -Invite Anyone
    -Login with Ajax
    -qTranslate extension
    -root Cookie
    -Theme My Login
    -W3 Total Cache (*)
    -WP Widget Cache

    *Yes we use W3TC, but we were not able to active all the functions. Currently we use the following settings:
    -Page cache: disabled (several problems on the BP-side with not updated activity streams, still showing you are logged in while you logged out etc.)
    -Minify: disabled (Problems with layout, possibly our own CSS problem)
    -Database cache: enabled (APC) (Maximum lifetime of cache objects: 60s, GC interval: 180s)
    -Object cache: disabled (again several problem with BP, not refreshing statuses even after TTL for logged-out-users)
    -Browser cache: enabled (enabled are: Cache control header, ETags, gZip Compression, Prevent caching of objects after settings change)
    -CDN: no
    -Varnish: no
    -Cloudflare: no

    So far, so good (or maybe not?).

    As you can see when you click on any of the links above, the performance of the site is just plain horrible:

    -Calling gives me the following numbers, using the network tool in firebug:

    URL: GET activity
    Status: 301 moved permanently
    Size: 0
    Timeline: 1.48s (why is it taking so long just to tell the browser a 301???)


    URL: GET activity (again???)
    Status: 200 OK
    Size: 62.9kB
    Timeline: 5.55s (hmmm…?)

    After that, page rendering starts and while being far from perfect, the rest of the resources load fairly fast.

    Another example:

    URL: GET /community/forum/slople
    Status: 200 OK
    Size: 63.4kB
    Timeline: 5.15s

    Even calling the sames links again shortly after the first rendering completed, the performance remains the same. DB caching doesn’t seem to kick in at all.

    This site is growing and people are interested in using it. However, with that performance, it’s not much fun. ATM, I’m thinking of moving to a good VPS (4 cores, 1.5GB RAM).

    But maybe some experts here see a major flaw in our configuration.

    Thank you very much for your replys!!

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  • modemlooper


    shared hosting 🙁

    What host?

    Check server logs see whats getting used and abused.



    it’s a small hosting company here in switzerland. I can’t see other logs other than my own.

    So you say switching to a good VPS (1.5gb ram, 4 cores with 100% CPU) should make a huge difference? I want response times for the HTML GET of 1s max.

    Thank you!



    Check your own logs, do tests browser tests on speed could be a file or plugin. Can be many things. You have to be a detective.



    I have done everything. Changed themes, deactivated every plugin but bp, but nothing worked…

    Ben Hansen


    (shared hosting)

    I’m thinking of moving to a good VPS (4 cores, 1.5GB RAM).

    i think that’s a really good idea. buddypress has a lot of stuff going on under the hood compared to an ordinary wordpress site (which in turn also has a lot of stuff going on under the hood compared to an old school static site). i would certainly defer to anything modemlooper says because you could make a similar analogy in comparing our respective knowledge level regarding WP/BP. But suffice to say a BP site with as many plugins (and # of elements on the linked pages) you have running on shared hosting, to me, is a recipe for slow site and under 5 seconds is actually not too shabby.

    you have to remember these shared hosting servers tend to run hundred or thousands of sites per machine and with a WP/BP probably does as much compute as about a hundred or thousand static sites would normally do to serve content to a visitor. when your site gets to certain level of popularity even a “decent vps” will probably not be enough. we have just infact moved from a “decent vps” to a specialty wordpress host having done that i would recommend considering that option.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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