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Permalinks Changed Out of the Blue

  • gregfielding


    I’ve got a community of about 1,000 members and 300 blogs. Yesterday afternoon, the permalinks structure for all sub-blog posts changed from /year/month/title to year/month/day/title. So, all of the thousands of posts on those sub-blogs now lead to 404 pages.

    Anyone have any clue what file would do this?

    Yesterday afternoon I was tinkering with theme files for my main theme only – and mostly just single.php – so I don’t think I fat-fingered this.

    There were some plugin updates yesterday and the only one that even seems like a possible culprit is Donncha’s Domain Mapping, which implied only minor changes to be compliant with 3.1 (but it didn’t require 3.1). To be sure, I renamed my plugin and mu-plugin folders to force-deactivate them – no change to my permalinks.

    I’ve checked wp-config and there doesn’t appear to be any changes and certainly nothing that would impact permalinks.

    My htaccess file was edited. Yesterday we adjusted some of the “expires header” settings. Fearing that somehow that caused the problem, we loaded in a backup htaccess and there was still no change in permalinks.

    Also of note, I use an mu-plugin to hide the permalink button on my user’s menus. So, they can’t change them.

    I’m tempted to try a 3.1 update to see if that fixes anything – but I was also hoping a wait a week or two for the various plugins to get updated.

    My hosting company scanned my install for malicious code and found nothing. Access logs didn’t show anything suspicious either.

    Thoughts anyone? I’m hoping it’s a simple, obvious tweak that is right in front of me but I’m too close to see it.


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  • @mercime


    @gregfielding have you resolved this issue yet? I encountered same problem on WP install subdomain structure with domain mapping on some subsites while testing some plugins last month – so it’s not exactly the same scenario as yours. I was able to resolve this by resetting Permalinks to what it was before in backends of main site and two subsites (without mapped domains). It worked for all sites in that install. Good luck.

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