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Please check out my site

  • I Need someone to take a look around my site to see if everything is inline and working like it should. I Don’t have another computer with different sized screens. Check out the comment system and if you can, comment on a post and see if it moves that post back to the top of the page on the main page

    C&P From my site

    How this site works

    This site is a gamer hangout, even though this site is on wordpress, we see it as a open forum to discuss you problems, get help from other gamers, talk about the news, posting funny videos and pictures, giving your own reviews of a game, ranting, movies and other stuff. Even though we’re chill on everything you post just as long as it’s within the rules, We’re strict on posting game reviews and editorial pieces, we expect you to use proper grammar on those things.

    When you first submit a story, your story will have to be approved by a vip member. To become a vip member, you have to earn 10000 rep points.

    How to earn rep points

    Unlocking Achievements (any amount of rep)
    Posting Articles (25 rep points)
    Logging in once a-day (2 rep points)
    Replying to comments (1 rep point/Some post may have 2-100 rep points, you just have to find it)
    Watching YouTube videos (15 rep points/Depending on if the video has rep points embedded in it)

    Even though you can earn rep points, you can also lose them. If you delete your comment you will lose 1 point. You also will lose points if you break the rules. Only Admins can subtract rep points and the total rep points that can be subtracted is based on your infaction. You can loose 25 rep points (minimum for any infraction) up to 10000 rep points (maximum for any infraction) it all depends on what you have done.

    Following a member

    Click on the user that you’re wanting to follow avatar image, and click follow.

    Adding Friends to you friend list

    Click on the user avatar image that you’re wanting to add to your friend list and click Add Friend.


    Newbie (0-49 rep points)
    Member (50-99 rep points)
    Active member (100-499 rep points)
    Loyal Member (500-999 rep points)
    Senior Members (1000-4999 rep points)
    LapG Legend (5000-9999 rep points)
    VIP Member (10000 rep points)


    Mentioning someone anywhere on the site is the @ sign followed by the username that you’re wanting to mention i.e. Ask @skar, he should know how to help you.


    Every time you comment on a post, it moves that post to the top of the main page (much like a forum). We’re also implementing and “HOT” and “COLD” system. When a post is commented on more the x amount of times, the content background of the post on the fontpage will change pink (luke warm), if the post gets XX amount of comments, the content background of the post on the font page will turn red (HOT!) and white will represent cold. As the site grows, we will change the number of how many time a post is commented on before reaching hot.

    They will be a anti cheat system in-place when this goes live. No information will be given on how this will work.

    Title Colors

    Black/Grey Post title colors are for newbies to lapg legends.
    Orange Post title colors are for admins and vip members.

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  • @mercime


    Many are wary of email harvesters. If you do want some feedback, create and post a generic username and password here. You can later delete said user after testing period.

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