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Please make installation easier

  • darrylmit


    I just installed latest wordpressmu and buddypress. Took me and my VPS’s tech support about 9 hours to get things to a basic “ok” This installation issue could well kill buddypress before it gets going.

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  • gahoachma


    You should describe your problems in more detail.

    Personally it only took me about 2 hours or so to get wpmu and buddypress installed. And working properly. The only problem I encountered was with an RSS feed. Solution was to upgrade to php5 for that.

    In any case the members and devs here seem to be very friendly and helpful.



    9 hours and you had a support guy with you? You can set it all up in about 10 minutes. You have to read the instructions,though, mind you :)



    So either the settings of your VPS were totally nuts, or your tech support doesn’t know what it’s doing. I installed it in 2 minutes once (personal record). :)

    a vsp host that takes 9 hours to install any WordPress component is purely incompetent… move your site somewhere else, please…

    even some cheap hosting like hostgator are taking max 10 minutes to install the whole thing… they even get free support to help you out.

    when you take 9 hours to install a script that is released by millions, you seriously have a lack of knowledge in the web industry.

    On my server I go from zero to buddypress in minutes. Easily under 9 minutes. Not sure what issues you were having but I’d be interested to know.

    Rather than bash the original poster or their hosting provider, we’d be interested in hearing what issues they experienced. It may have been a familiarity issue, or not reading the documentation; or they could have found a non-obvious issue specific to their install.

    Yes. I’d be very interested to know as well.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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