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Plugin Idea: BP Group Pages – please give feedback and support

  • Dwenaus


    I had an idea for a plugin that I think would greatly benefit the BuddyPress community, especially for those using BuddyPress for it’s group features. The idea is to develop a plugin called BuddyPress Group Pages – which would give each group it’s own pages component where group members can create and edit pages.

    The functionality would be very similar to the BP Wiki plugin (which I helped a bit on), but this new plugin would be rock solid. Why not just work to fix the BP Wiki plugin, well it’s foundation is not good, and it has had data loss errors for many months now – not a good sign. The foundation of this new plugin would be based on WP custom post types – and thankfully @jjj and @kunalb have just introduced a new plugin to implement that in BuddyPress called BuddyPress Custom Posts ( While heavy on the MVC, it looks pretty good :)

    The new BuddyPress Group Pages plugin would be built rock solid. It would be simple to start but highly extensible. I believe it would address the need for groups to collaborate in the way that they use Google Docs to collaborate.

    Do people see a need for this plugin? and if so are any willing to become sponsors for this plugin? If yes, then I’ll list them in the plugin for as long as it shall live.

    I’m interested to get some community feedback on this.

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  • Boone Gorges


    I should note that the plugin definitely *does* require WP 3.1. No way to make it compatible with 3.0.x, because I use some of the new tax_query stuff.

    Running pretty smoothly on a oldish checkout of Trunk (1.3) and 3.02 though.

    Might be too early a concern? created a new member joined a group with an existing doc and am allowed to immediately start editing that doc, ought there to be a level of security along lines of either ‘current_user_can(‘trash_a_doc’) ‘ or perhaps under the group admins ‘Manage Member’ options: ‘kick & ban’ ‘promote to Mod’ ‘Edit Docs’. Conversely perhaps it’s sufficient really to rely on revision history if needing to step back, restore earlier versions.

    Is it intentional that I see the same set of docs, or all created docs across all groups or is that something yet to be worked on or a symptom of the install I have? To make a rash, possibly ill thought through, comment I wouldn’t want all docs created appearing in every group would I?

    Boone Gorges


    Permissions are simple now: every member of a group can do everything to a doc in that group. It’ll be finer-grained when I get around to it.

    You’re seeing the same docs in every group because you are using 3.0.2. I use the tax_query stuff in 3.1 to display docs on a per-group basis.

    Had a feeling it was due to the taxing stuff, wasn’t testing on 3.1 as /groups/my-group/ is page not found, but can reach it from member/admin/my-group/home/ sadly all a bit stresfull at the moment trying to work with latest revison of 1.3/3.1.

    Notice in older trunk group creation I have step 5 “The HTML for my creation step goes here.” but in latest revision of trunk it does not appear haven’t a clue why that is though.



    “…sadly all a bit stresfull at the moment trying to work with latest revison of 1.3/3.1.”

    I hear ya! It’s strangely comforting to know I’m not the only one :-(



    Hello everyone,

    I think this is a great idea and I was wondering, is there someplace to donate to this project currently or will donations only be possible once the plugin is released?



    hi, same over here: great idea! looking for a group-site functionality for so long now… would power the project with another 20€ bucks ;)

    Boone Gorges


    Donations always accepted at :)

    Why Docs Tab is active in private group for users that are not member of it?
    is it possible to hide it and make not accessible for nonmembers?

    Boone Gorges


    The plugin is not done yet.



    I’m working on one that would have a frontpage. Anyone know how to change your order of group tabs?



    I see this thread is 8 months old…so not sure if it is still valid.
    Very interested in this plugin though.
    Will contribute if it sees the light of day



    @houser have you searched the plugin repo? Many plugins have been created since this thread started.



    Thanx modemlooper.

    Pretty certain and pretty particular about what I am after…;)
    But would love to be wrong.

Viewing 14 replies - 26 through 39 (of 39 total)
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