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Plugin Idea : Fix "Categories" problem in subfolder MS

  • rosyteddy


    Plugin Idea : This plugin, if made, can really benefit those who are using WP Multisite “Subfolder” and BP.

    This plugin aims to correct the “Categories” and Post format links not working from WP 3.3.1, and will probably be not corrected as this basic functionality is lying broken for years.

    This plugin will be very welcome by the community, and some codes may be found here in the attached patch files. This is being submitted as a plugin idea or plugin request to new or old plugin devs. Thanks.

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  • Henry Wright


    Hi @rosyteddy

    That’s related to WordPress rather than BuddyPress. Something you may be interested in if you have lots of ideas for WordPress is WordPress Ideas. Ideas get voted for so the popular ones ‘bubble’ to the top so to speak.

    Hope this helps.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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