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Plugin Release: BuddyPress Group Wikis

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    D Cartwright


    I have released our BuddyPress Group Wiki plugin:

    I’ve not had a chance to clean it up much so please consider it very much unstable at the moment.

    For support I’ll try to keep an eye on this thread. If you want to test it without installing, try it out on I also check that site regularly and am better able to monitor support requests/feature requests there.

    This plugin is released under the GNU AGPL. Basically this means that you can use it for free and modify it however you like, as long as you provide those modifications for free to the WordPress community.

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    Sven Lehnert


    Hi D Cartwright, thanks for writing this plugin, great stuff.

    I have one question.

    I can’t find anything about your plugin in the $bp .

    I need to get the slug, and normally it is all written into the $bp.

    Would it be a big problem for you to add your component into the $bp?

    All other bp plugins I found have done it.

    I guess other developers, who try to use your component will run into the same confusion.

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    D Cartwright


    Ah, good point. So basically page title slugs to be written to the bp action vars?

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    Sven Lehnert


    for sure, that would be great, and the component itself, with basic information.


    stdClass Object
    [id] => group-wiki
    [table_name] => tablename
    [slug] => wiki

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    Nice Plugin! Though here are a few problems I’m having with it:

    How do you delete a wiki page? I didn’t see any delete button.

    There seems to be a bug, that you can’t create a page from the front end (eg. not the admin wiki settings page). I gave a name to a wiki clicked create wiki and nothing happened. This is probably just me.

    No ability to rename slug.

    Can’t define page excerpt. I created a wiki and the whole wiki was the excerpt.

    These are the problems I currently see with the plugin, though great plugin nonetheless.

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    @D Cartwright Strange, because when I activate WPML I cannot access the wiki pages. Perhaps it is one feature/option of WPML that triggers the problem. I’ll have a further look.

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    For those interested or already invested in GroupWiki’s future, you should really come by the plugin forum and check out this discussion:

    Your input could shape the plugin’s future :)

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    When will this be available for normal WP installs :)?



Viewing 7 replies - 26 through 32 (of 32 total)
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