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Plugin release Share Activity for BuddyPress

  • Koka boka


    Hello. I want to present you my first plugin for BuddyPress. This is a release version, so I will be grateful for feedback and suggestions.

    Add the ability for users to recommend posts to their friends from the BuddyPress activity feed. This plugin allows users to easily share interesting updates, events and other activities with their friends.

    == Description ==

    The BuddyPress Share Activity plugin adds a “Share” button to each entry in the BuddyPress activity feed, allowing users to recommend interesting posts to their friends. With this plugin, you can improve the interaction between users of your site and promote the dissemination of important information.

    Share Activity for BuddyPress – github

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  • vocational


    Hi @koka777, I tried your plugin and one thing I didn’t like is that the entire text of the recommended post is added to the notification.

    Koka boka


    Hi @vocational, thanks for your feedback. I will definitely take your feedback into account and update the plugin in the near future.
    I also want to inform you that after verification it will be available in the repository WordPress.

    Koka boka


    Plugin Updated.

    == Changelog ==

    = Version 1.0.2 =
    * Updated security
    * Updated the notification view so that the entire post text is not added to the notification.
    * Updated styles

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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