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Plugin Request: Buddypress Video Gallery

  • Philo Hagen


    I love everything about Buddypress, thank you all for all of your work. The one thing that would rock my site would be a video gallery. I did a survey and have found out that people don’t want another place to upload video, nor do I need my server overloaded with kitten movies, but they would love a gallery of their videos on their profile page, and groups would love to have a video gallery as well so they could post youtube/vimeo videos of their events and such and not have them in a video gallery. I posted pretty much this same message on the Buddypress Album plug-in because I think it’s the closest to what I’m talking about, but wanted to put the word out to others as well that there is interest in seeing this plugin happen. Thanks :)

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  • techguy


    I think you’ll enjoy some of the features of the BP Links plugin too. The way the videos pop out is awesome. A little more organization of the links and it’s basically what you want I think.



    Thanks techguy! I didn’t realize that BP Links could do that!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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