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Possible Theme Project

  • techguy


    I’m considering doing a new BuddyPress project. Since I’m terrible at look and feel I’m going to need someone who can create a slick theme that matches this person’s needs. It’s been a while since I’ve been around. I’d much prefer to have someone create the theme that has knowledge of BuddyPress if possible. If you do BuddyPress themes, I’d love to connect and get an idea of general price range for a BP theme.

    P.S. Sorry I couldn’t find the group for BP Work Requests. So, feel free to move this if you like.

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  • May I recomend ThemeKraft’s Custom Community? It gives a nice starting point but for full customization some serious CSS skills are needed.

    I’m no way affiliated, I just use it on my one BP site ’cause hacking hand made themes never works out for me…

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