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Possible to clone Extended Profiles, but for Groups?

  • BlinkyBill01


    I really love the extended profiles for members, but the same exact thing would be unbelievably beneficial for sites that focus on groups just as much as their members. Having such a useful profile extender would only help build up goups more.

    So that’s what I’m looking for. I’m looking to be able to use the same style interface as XProfiles as well as the ability to create and modify group profile info on the backend as well as be able to add tabs with more and more suggested group info. Also being able to move the order from location to location, tab to tab would be awesome.

    BuddyPress is an amazing tool. It’s for individuals that want to be a part of a group. It’s a shame that there isn’t as much emphasis placed on group creation as their is with user profile creation. Sure, you can add plugin after plugin, from sources that may give up on updates weeks to months down the line, but having this built in would show us that we don’t need to rely on anyone other than the developers to keep our communities growing.

    Thanks and hope that this will be a future addition to BuddyPress!

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  • I think someone wrote a plugin recently that did this, but I can’t find it easily on the first few pages of search results on



    Thanks for the reply, @djpaul. The only thing I’ve seen recently was for something called BP Group-O-Matic but that seems only to assign groups to join for people that search for a topic.

    Ok, I think I may have found it:

    That seems like it would be my next choice to use if I can’t find something exactly like Extended Profiles. While that allows the creation of more custom fields, it leaves the types of fields up to the user. I’m looking to be able to, as the admin, create the custom fields that are available to all groups, in the same fashion as the Extended Profiles custom fields.

    I’ll look into this one a bit more.

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