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Post types not showing up on homepage (Buddypress + s2Member+BP Simple Private)

  • BexxBl


    Hi guys,

    I’m currently rocking a Social Network Site on WordPress.

    Everything is fine except this one big fat problem: Some of the post types are not showing up when the user is not logged in.

    The pourpose of the site is that user can log in if they want to. There is some paid membership option to let the user gain access to different features like submitting jobs or submitting their company so that it can be displayed in the listings. This is acomplished via the s2member – plugin (free version)

    When the user is logged out he/she should see the normal homepage and when logged in an overview of all functions of the network, which is functioning just fine as well.
    On the homepage there should be a display of the most recent posts, joblistings and partner companys as well. I use a carousel to accomplish this. In my admin settings I need to check the post type for them and it works all fine when logged in but when logged out I always get an “no items found” error where the listings should be.

    It’s kinda strange since these post types are not limited or marked as private or need some membershiplevel to access them. But they are showing up in my sidebar without a problem.

    I searched a long time in the support forums of both BuddyPress and WordPress but did not find an solution for my problem.

    I already tried to
    – disable the BP Simple Privat Plugin
    – viewing the site in different browsers (Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, IE, Firefox)
    – checked the gerneral and read/write settings
    – checked the buddypress settings for site tracking
    – checked the visibility of each individual site
    – save the permalinks again
    – cleared the cache
    – deactivated the plugins
    – switched to another theme

    but nothing works. Has anyone an idea?

    Thanks for the help.

    System Info:
    Wordpress Version 4.6.1

    Plugin Info:
    BuddyPress Version 2.7.2
    BP Simple Private Version 1.3
    s2Memeber Framework Version 161129
    Visual Composer Version 4.12.1 + Addons
    Socialize Plugin Version 2.1

    Socialize Version 2.17.1 with child theme

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  • danbp



    sounds like an issue with customisation. Which one is difficult to say, specially if what you tell on this topic is related to this one !

    Socialize was updated today (6 dec. 2016). Do you use this new version ?
    As you use a child you need to check around it too, as BP 2.7 introduced some template improvement. Those may be in the parent now, but what with your custom child files or functions ?



    It was a problem with s2 member. they not so kindly checked a box in the restriction options that disabled the display of feeds, posts and some other things for not logged in users. it took me ages to find the problem. but thanks for your help anyway

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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