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Potential issues with WP MultiSite, BP Mult Network & CBOX theme

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    My apologies first … I’m a newbie.

    I have a WP Multisite & BuddyPress installation with the wonderful Commons In A Box (CBOX) theme.

    I am wanting to install the BP Multi Network plugin because I want to run with separated BP networks on specific WP subsites.

    There are two issues that I can see at the moment …

    As I have the CBOX theme in place, BuddyPress is a core component and therefore cannot be deactivated to allow for the installation of BP Multi Network. So it looks to me that I’ll need to de-install the CBOX theme (and then de-install/deactivate BuddyPress) in order to install the BP Multi Network plugin. Would you please confirm that this is the case?

    The second issue (and this may be the killer for my idea) is that even when I’ve installed WP Multi Network I may have problems with the (reinstalled) CBOX theme in that BuddyPress looks like it is installed across the network and there’s no option to specify specific subsites to (only) run it on which means that the value of BP Multi Network will be nullified.

    So it looks to me that in a WP MultiSite setup the CBOX theme and the WP Multi Site are essentially incompatible because of the need for CBOX to have BuddyPress as a core component.

    If I am correct in my thinking, is there any way around the issue as I really want to run with WP Multisite, the CBOX theme, BuddyPress and the BP Multi Network plugin?

    Thanks … Michael Scott

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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