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“Potentially Suspicious” in BuddyPress file

  • boxhamster



    WordPress: 6.1.1
    BuddyPress: 10.6.0

     I wanted to inform you of the warning I just got on in regards to BP. I’m aware this might just be
     a false positive. In that case, please ignore, but is this something other people also get or something up with my particular setup?

     Severity: Potentially Suspicious
     Reason: Detected potentially suspicious initialization of function pointer
     to JavaScript method String.replace Ccode E __tmpvar1170183340 =
     String.replace; Ccode/ E
     Details: Detected potentially suspicious content.
     Offset: 264
     Threat dump: View code (see below)
     File size[byte]: 1229
     File type: ASCII
     MD5: AD70A8BA0464EF7223BA502399938847
     Scan duration[sec]: 0.045

     The following code was shown under “View code”:
     o?o(e):e}var x=d.cookie=function(e,o,n){var i,t;if(void 0!==o%26%26″f]]

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  • wackao


    The scanner is scanning a url so it does not mean the package is corrupted it could very well mean the site may have some malware.

    Try testing on , download the plugin from and it comes out clean.

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