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[Resolved] Pre-Install Questions: GoDaddy, WPEngine, BuddyPress

  • metasynchronic


    Hello all,

    I have a site that is currently installed on GoDaddy, and was installed via their “special” install method. I am planning on the following:
    1. Migrate the site to WPEngine
    2. Transfer the DNS to CloudFlare
    3. Transfer the Registration to BlueHost
    4. Go live with the current version of the site
    5. Install BuddyPress

    I inherited this project, so before I do this, the one “unknown” attribute for me is the GoDaddy install. I usually use BlueHost on all my hostings, until I started with WPEngine, so I know how to do the backup and migration that way. However, since the GoDaddy “special” install is notorious, and a new one for me, I wanted to check that if a standard migration is going to work, or would I have to rebuild the site from scratch on WPEngine in order to allow BuddyPress to work? My worry is that because the database is where the problems are on GoDaddy, that those problems would migrate with me to WPEngine.

    Link to Site:
    Wordpress Version: 3.9.2
    Not yet running BuddyPress

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  • shanebp


    This isn’t a BuddyPress question, but…

    WPEngine is a very accomplished hosting company.

    I can’t imagine that they haven’t had customers that migrated from a godaddy WP installation.

    Have you posed this question to WPEngine?

    Hope your migration goes fairly smoothly.
    When you get BuddyPress installed, we await any questions you may have.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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