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Problem Adding divs to Activity Stream templates

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    Hi Folks, my first post for a couple of years- I am amazed at the progress Buddypress has made, awesome work!

    I have a problem that is stopping me in my tracks, has hung me up for a few days now and I can’t find a solution searching online.

    I want to make the Activity stream scroll horizontally, like a timeline.

    I can create the effect easily enough in HTML5 and CSS3 but have run into a basic problem within Buddypress.

    I have made a child theme, added a buddypress folder to this theme to which I added bptemplates/bplegacy/etc

    I have added some extra divs to the index.php template file inside the activity folder to create the horizontal slider

    /* modification to allow horizontal presentation*/
    /* introduces 1) Holder 2) Slider 3) Slide */

    <div id="bpholder" class ="bpholder">
    <div id="bpslider" class ="bpslider">
    <div id="bpslide" class ="bpslide">

    <div class="activity" role="main">

    <?php bp_get_template_part( 'activity/activity-loop' ); ?>

    </div><!-- .activity -->


    When I update the site and inspect elements in Chrome I see no sign of the new divs. It’s as if the additional code doesn’t exist.

    As a test I have tried adding divs to post-form.php, and home.php inside the ‘single’ folder, and get the same result, i.e. nada

    Please could you point me in the right direction?

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  • Hi,

    I have made a child theme

    Is it a BP-Default child theme (1) or a WordPress theme child theme (2) ?

    (1) put the templates at root level of your theme ex: bp-default-child/activity/index.php etc..
    (2) use a specific folder to put your template (community or buddypress) ex: twentytwelve-child/buddypress/activity/index.php etc..

    You can find interesting documentation in BuddyPress codex: for example about (2)



    Hi imath thank you for the quick reply.

    It is a WordPress theme and I think you have identified my mistake, which was a dumb one I am ashamed to say.

    I thought I had used option 2) placing a folder called buddypress inside the child theme

    but I copied the instruction to follow the full directory structure so I have


    I will change to




    Just to add that was it- thank you so much. I have been going through the same non-logical loop for ages : (

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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