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Problem creating Buddypress enabled 2nd site…

  • ted_myers


    I have the following problem:

    The first site of my multi-site Buddypress installation works just fine when I either convert a non-buddypress theme using the Buddypress Template Pack for a non-buddypress-enabled theme or simply install a Buddy-press-compatible theme. In either case, the Member, Activity, Groups, Forum, Register pages are created and the appropriate contents is displayed when selecting those page(s).

    My problem comes with the “next” multi-site subdomain ( I can neither summon the template pack to do it’s job nor does the Buddypress Pages selection in the SuperAdmin screen do it’s job of creating the pages. So, the second, third and so on…subdomains do not, in effect, join the buddypress club and I am literally dead in the water with one domain nicely using Buddypress but subsequent subdomains not creating nor displaying any of the Member, Activity, Groups, etc. pages. Put another way, I have the sites working just fine in multi-site but not sharing the blog information which Buddypress provides. The only thing I haven’t tried is “enable multiblog” setting in the wp-config file.

    I sure could use some help, please.

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  • @mercime


    @ted_myers By default, there is one BuddyPress instance in a multisite installation. So even if you enable multiblog, while you can now have e.g. in your install, what you can post to and see there is that of BP in the main site.

    If you want to have multiple instances of BuddyPress in your Multisite installation, there are two available plugins for that
    1. ​
    2. ​

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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