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Problem transferring (does BP have a new db system?)

  • Number_6


    I’m building a Buddypress installation from scratch to replace my community’s old one, which has been a train wreck. I installed Buddypress, noticed no installation steps needed taken, and no tables were added to the database. However, I can post on the streams and store all other info.

    So this leaves me with three questions I hope you guys can help with:
    1. Where’s the BP data being stored?
    2. How can I transfer the users’ activity, blog posts, et al?
    3. Should I just tell my friends “Tough poopy, I guess we have to start all over”?


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  • @mercime


    @number_6 If you activated all of the components in Settings > BuddyPress > Components, 16 BP tables should be created in your site’s database as seen here.

    BP interacts with most WP tables in database so you have to port it sitewide. Backup DB manually i.e., phpMyAdmin to computer hard drive, then use this plugin to help you move your DB. Btw, do not use webhost’s one-click WP installation, upload WP manually and install. You need to be in total control of your site if you want to activate BuddyPress.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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