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Problem with email notification

  • allegra1212


    I have a bizarre problem. When I test, as admin, the registration with one of my own email, I receive the email notification without any problem and also, as admin my own email is also the admin, I receive the notification that a new member has registered. All good.

    Now where it is weird is: anyone else, friends tested it – they don’t receive their email notification to confirm their registration – I DO!!!

    But then I don’t receive the email saying that a new member has registered…so I receive the email confirmation for teh new member – he does not – and I don;t receive the admin email saying that a new member has registered unless I am the one acting as a new member with my own email..

    I hope it’s clear’s so bizarre.

    Very very weird so I have no idea where to begin my search.

    I just put the site live for my client so I am bit panicking. I would appreciate any help to solve that problem.

    Thank you so much.

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  • If you’re certain that you’re receiving new members’ BuddyPress-generated emails, my guess would be you have something affecting how emails are sent.

    Are you running any plugins or custom code that affects sending email, appearance of emails, etc, anything? Finally, how did you move your site from Dev to production. Did you copy the DB across, too?




    Thank you for your reply. I have the usual plugins but as few as possible – I don’t custom code and yes, I copied everything – my host did it and we checked all the username – emails and all so all was checked to make sure that emails and all were the right one for the site.

    The problem is so weird I don;t even know where to look. Would you want to see the site?

    Thank you so much for your help.



    I just receive another one – it duplicates the new member’s email (sent to me instead of the new members so he cannot confirm his registration) – the new member did not receive it – and I did NOT receive the admin email saying that a new member has registered.



    PLEASE someone can help? My client tested again today and still does not receive the confirmation email. PLEASE HELP URGENT. The site is now live and my client is not happy.

    Thank you so much.

    Fact: BuddyPress does NOT copy the site administrator in on all emails that are sent out. So it’s something on your site.

    How are you creating user accounts? As usual, through WordPress, or do you have an LDAP integration or something exotic? Have you confirmed (by looking in the wp_users table) that the email addresses are actually different (not meant to be a stupid question)?

    I would ask how your host moved the database/site across, but you probably don’t have the details to hand. I asked because while I haven’t seen emails get messed up, I’ve seen site URLs and permalinks break. Does all regular WordPress content on the site seem to work?

    What company provide your hosting?



    Wow so many question and not a light on the horizon.

    * Host: Hostgator
    * Everything else works on the site
    * All set up is correct after transfer
    * I disabled all plugins that could interfere
    * How do we create user account??? er…by clicking on create an account!
    * No nothing exotic. Just basic buddypress and buddypress registration system.
    * And yes that was a stupid question but i can check again for the email in the db.

    Soooo…any other questions or may be an advice would be welcome?

    I told you if you want the URL you are welcome to check it. My host is working on it at the moment but we are nowhere yet.


    Roger Coathup


    Did this work on your test / development site? Have you run through all of the questions / checks Paul has given you to the letter – when it comes to BuddyPress, he knows what he’s talking about.

    Ok, my suggested further steps for how you can ascertain information that will help you find the problem on your site:

    1. Turn off all your plugins — not just those you think could interfere — just leaving BuddyPress activated
    2. Switch to the bp-default theme
    3. And to be extra safe — remove your bp-custom.php file

    [You’ll probably want to do this on a mirror development environment, if you’ve already taken the site live]

    If emails don’t work in this basic BuddyPress install, you know it is a problem with your hosting, general email setup or installation.

    If emails do work, you know it is a problem in either your theme or your plugins. Try adding them back one by one, and test at each stage.



    Thank you so much Roger! I will definitely try that and let you know.

    I am using a basic buddypress theme – redecorated..but buddypress theme nonetheless.

    If you want to register just to test:

    Thank you again :-)

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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