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problem with member pages

  • elishevadpw


    I just installed WPMU and also BuddyPress on

    I have installed the homepage themes for Buddypress but when I click on any member or go to the members page, the template for members doesn’t load.

    I have followed the instructions to install the homepage template in /wp-content/themes and the members template in /wp-content/bp-themes. I have also activated the home themes in Appearances > Themes and also the members theme in Buddypress > General Setting.

    But it still doesn’t work.

    Can anybody help me?

    Quick replies will be much appreciated!!


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  • Jeff Sayre


    but when I click on any member or go to the members page, the template for members doesn’t load.


    Welcome to the BuddyPress forums!

    When I went to your site and clicked on the “Members” button, it did bring up a members’ theme. However, it seems like you have selected the “Skeleton BuddyPress Member Theme” and not the “BuddyPress Default Member Theme”.

    Please go back into the admin panle to “Buddypress > General Settings”, select “BuddyPress Default Member Theme” and then make sure to hit the “Save Settings” button at the bottom.

    If the default member theme is already selected, deselect it by selecting a different theme, hit the “Save Settings” button, and then reselect the “BuddyPress Default Member Theme” once again and hit the “Save Settings” button one more time.

    Does that fix the issue?



    Hi Jeff,

    Thanks for the reply…

    Unfortunately it doesn’t.

    I tried deleting the skeleton member theme but it still shows that ugly page with no design. What else could be wrong?

    Tried checking your site out but I can only see a wp-theme. Clicking registration gets me this:


    Have you disabled it or is more things not working?




    I have uninstalled and reinstalled everything so that is why you were probably getting weird pages.

    It is back up now but I am still getting the same problems with the members pages and also the group pages.

    The pages for the blogs are fine.





    I had the same kind of problem. The Template Path was wrong (maybe a bug ?).

    Try to put your member template in this directory : yoursite/wp-content/bp-themes/bp-themes/bpmember

    It worked for me. Good luck !

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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