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Problem with pending tab in multisite

  • Ricardo Gonçalves



    I’m developing a multisite network where each city will have its own social network. I was developing it using Buddypress network activated, but all the profiles were in the main site and I want that each profile stays in the site that it belongs to. So I deactivated Buddypress in network and activated it in each ‘blog'(sub site).

    Everything is working, but when I try to see the pending users of each site I get the WordPress default message “You don’t have permissions to see this page”. Even if I am logged in as super admin or as site admin.

    I already deactivated all the plugins except buddypress and activated twenty fourteen theme to test if it was a plugin/theme conflict but the probelm persists.

    I need a subsite for each city. Groups would not work for this project…

    Is there a workaround for it?

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