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Problem with / text / members box / default text of the forms.

  • Hello to everyone!

    I am a new user of BuddyPress and I have some problems with my blog ( ) .

    a) The text appears with many problems, like this on my profile that there is no hyperlink but appears to have many ( )
    b) The box for members the basic (the first one) it is a little bit mixed up and I cant find how to make any configurations to it, like to have just the avatars or what ever. Do anyone know what is the plugin (?) for the box that using the site here? The second box that it is the plugin AuthorAvatars has many options but always put them vertical… :((
    c) As my blog is about a book and has to much Greek Language and many Greek visitors I wish to make some changes to the text of some forms like the one about the activation mail, that has nothing in Greek of course and also it is nowhere written that maybe the activation mail marked as spam.

    Keep in mind that I am new user to all this with blogs, and the way that all of these work! :(

    Thank you in advance for the help!
    Dimitris Koutsomitsos

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