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Problems when using translated files

  • Renan


    Hello there, I’m new to BP so please help me out.

    I downloaded and installed everything, all working 100%. BUT, when I download the translated file buddypress-pt_BR(extensions) the theme starts to bug out. For example: when the pt_BR language is activated I cannot use “Members, Who’s Online, Welcome, and others” widget.

    I tried doing step-by-step. I used the orginal language file, and it was working 100% again, then I downloaded the original language file to be translated. Then, I translated a couple of words using Poedit, saved and uploaded both files, the .po and .mo, named as suppose.

    In this case, if I translate the word “Members” then it won’t show up on the Widget. If that word is not translated it WILL show up. The same for widget “Who’s Online”, if the word is not translated, it DOES show up, but when I translate and import the file it DOES NOT show up.

    Does anyone have a solution for this? It seems to be a BUG because when I check the .po file the lines does not match “in my opinion”

    For example:

    on the buddypress-pt_BR.po file, it says:

    #: bp-activity.php:192

    #: bp-activity/feeds/bp-activity-personal-feed.php:21

    msgid “Activity”

    msgstr “Atividade”

    But, if you go to the bp-activity.php line 192, all it says is:

    if ( bp_is_home() ) {

    And if you go to the second file on line 21, it is there:

    <title><?php echo $bp->displayed_user->fullname; ?> – <?php _e( ‘Activity’, ‘buddypress’ ) ?></title>

    Not sure if that has anything to do with how the translation works, but does any one no how to fix this?

    Please let me know what you think.

    Thank you.

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  • There is a fix for this issue in the trac. I don’t think Andy has committed many code changes to the svn trunk recently, so you’ll have to wait.



    Yeah, I saw this:

    I download and did the test as well, translated one word “Members” and uploaded the file.

    And still, the Members Widget disappears from the sidebar :(

    You think there is another solution than just wait? I mean if we go file by file to get the right lines would that work? “I mean create a shell/php script to get all the lines and make the .pot file with the correct lines that are suppose to be translated. Or I should not bother with that, Andy is usually fast?

    Again, I’m new in this community.

    Thank you Paul



    My solution so far was to manually translate the widget files, that worked normally.

    But I will wait for Andy to figure out what is wrong with this.

    Thank you

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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