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Problems with AJAX and character set

  • Hi

    I’ve been struggling to try and fix a problem I have with character sets: When I add ” áéíóú aeiou ” to a post through anywhere in buddypress or wordpress it works fine. The problem is when I do a post (within activity or groups or whats new) in pages which seem to use AJAX. It appears to add them ok, until the page is refreshed when it the appears as áéíóú aeiou.

    I have tried various solutions, including the latest where I created a new database as latin1 (and making sure all the tables are latin1_general_ci).

    I assume that since wordpress posts work fine, it’s not really a general collation issue but an issue with the way AJAX is posting the information (I viewed the source on the page and it’s latin1).

    Any help would be appreciated as I’ve spend a lot of time trying to fix this issue.


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  • Hmm. try making utf8 collations etc — I think I’ve seen latin1 cause problems.

    Hi Paul

    I was originally on UTF8 but switched to latin1 one to get around the original problem because I read that UTF8 doesn’t handle áéíóú.
    I’ll try to switch anyway to see if that makes a difference if you thnk it will help. I though that if WP was handling it ok then BP should be too
    I’ll let you know the result


    I’ve converted all tables and rows etc to utf8, and changed to utf8 in wp-admin and the wp-config file. I checked in Firefox and thought ‘great it works’, until I tested it the following day in IE: Now any áéóíú anywhere (usernames, posts, activities) are not displaying e.g. Clánn Uí and worse still, in WordPress ‘Add new post’, it simply truncates at the accented characted (e.g. tést to t). Firefox works ok in WP. Any thoughts?

    p.s. When I do a view source on either browser it gives me utf8 but then I select View -> Character Encoding from the toolbar, it gives me UTF8 for firefox (and Chrome) but Western (european) for IE so for some reason IE is not picking up UTF8. As of last week I have the latest WP and BP (I know there has been a BP release this week, but would like to sort this before installing).

    ok, it seems i have found the issue: i had entered utf8 for the character encoding in the WP dashboard which Firefox and Chrome are more than happy to deal with (utf8=UTF-8=utf8). IE being IE however decided to huff since it wasn’t written UTF-8 and, very generously, picked something else for me. Thanks for the intial tip Paul

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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