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Problems with wp-login in BB press

  • vinnyj


    I have been using the plugins over at the wpmudev group are paid plugins and i seem to have a problem that no one in the word press community wants to even help me with. I am a php programmer and have made my own login and registration page change password and belong to a certain group i will not say. The site i am working on has BB press and i have a serious problem were if you go to the wp-login page and click on register it should take you back to the bb press login page. I dont know if its a hack or whats wrong although this is not how BB press should work because it is allowing users to register with any user name and email with no other information the problem lies in the wp-login.php?action=register my permalinks will not allow me to change them at all to anything except whats default of link name. This is very very frustrating to me and i am really shocked at the fact of not having any help from a paid group they seem to feel all is well. Dose anyone know were i can fix this inside the code becasue i already had 4000 robots sign into my site in one month and my email is getting very large like over clogged i have to dump my online data there is to many emails from bots sign in at

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