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Professional help needed with Buddypress & BB Press…

  • beingblissful


    Hi Helpful Souls,

    I need some professional support. I’ve surrendered. I’ve thrown up my hands in exhausted exasperation with Salutation theme for Buddypress. I’m seriously looking at Ning. I need help.

    I’ve created a detailed list below of the support I need for my forum For someone who is familiar and confident with Buddypress and BB Press, I imagine all of the below is very straightforward.

    forum working – both group and site wide forum
    forum displaying the forum directory (currently, all the forums I set up are displaying as “forum topics” and they are all blank pages)
    an image set for each forum in the forum directory (similar to the Paralleus support forum main page)
    “groups” page working
    “members” page working
    help with spam protection for computerized “users” – I’m getting dodgy sign ups every day
    extended profile creation for each user
    I also can’t remove the “admin” bar that wordpress has by default – it’s visible on the front end when logged out – yuck!

    I’m sure there’s more but support with this will make me a happy camper! I’m sorry to say I’ve been quite disappointed by the Salutation support forum – I bought the theme for Buddypress because it looks good and “required no coding” but… it’s been a HUGE effort just to get the site looking like the demo!

    Thank you so much 🙂

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  • Kevin.Bowser


    I should have taken your advice. I went ahead and purchased the Salutation theme because I liked the look and feel of the slideshow and all of that “eye candy”. But, I am stuck as well. I can’t get this thing up and running at all. I am seriously considering wiping out the install and starting all over again.



    Hi Guys,

    I am also using Salutation theme for my website

    although I agree the learning curve is quite steep for this theme… it does have some great features.. and I am slowly making sense of some of them…

    The forums were a pain to setup but now we have simplified them and we are only using the group forums for our site it seems to work better??

    This may help with the BuddyBar

    There are a few options for spam / splogger protection… we are using WangGuard.. again this takes a little bit of use to understand and get set up but does seem to help us..

    Hope this helps a bit.. and happy to chat more if you would like

    PS. I am not an expert just learning as I go along 🙂

    Kind Regards




    Hi James,

    Wow – you’ve done some beautiful things with Salutation! Looks great!

    I, too am simplifying the forums – site wide, general only (no group forums).

    Thank you for your voice of experienced wisdom and the usage tips!


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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