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Profile buttons not showing after upgrade 1.5

  • Yesterday I upgraded to buddypress 1.5 and everything went pretty good. I am having one problem though. When you go to the profile pages the “add/cancel friendship” and “send message” buttons are missing. I’m using the Suffusion theme, I did post on their site yesterday as well but waiting to hear back. If anyone has any idea could be wrong, I’d sure appreciate some help! I’m using the newest Suffusion theme and the newest suffusion buddypress plugin. So far it seems I’m the only one with this problem. :s
    If it helps the WANG guard “report” button still shows in that area fine. It used to display beside the other two.
    If I switch back to the default bp theme the buttons do show fine.


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  • Tammie Lister


    Just to be clear did you update your theme files along with BuddyPress 1.5?

    @karmatosed Yes I did and they are suppose to be compatible with BP 1.5. I’m running Suffusion theme 3.9.0 with their buddypack plugin. After updating it I rebuilt the files as they said to do, but it didn’t help.

    I’m still trying to get this working no luck… I’ve also noticed that the “join group” and “leave group” buttons are missing from the groups… I have new members joining who can’t do anything until I can figure this out. :-( I did also deactivate all of my plugins and it didn’t help.



    Check with the theme developer and make sure their “pack” is up to date.

    @modemlooper I did here back from him, he’s to busy to help me fix the problem right now. :-( He’s working on the next version of the theme. I have no idea if it will fix my problems but I can only wait so long. As it is now my members can’t join groups or easily contact each other.
    Very frustrating as I had the theme set up exactly the way I wanted. I wouldn’t have upgraded yet, except the theme said it had been updated for BP 1.5 as well as their pack.
    It’s not the developer I’m upset with, he’s normally quick and great with help. I just don’t understand what’s causing the problem or how to fix it. I’ve also disabled ALL my plugins and it did not help.

    I thought it might be something with the theme install. So I’ve tried to remove it completely as well as the child theme I was using. I deleted it using the WP theme delete and removed their bp pack. When I reinstall it all my custom css colors are still there. Since I reinstalled from the WP installer and not uploading my old files they shouldn’t be there….
    Maybe the settings are stored in the database… But shouldn’t completely uninstalling the theme remove that?

    Ok I found out they are stored in the database. But he doesn’t think resetting that will help. I’ll have to be patient until the next update comes out soon. lol
    But in the mean time is there anyway to have my suffusion theme run for my blog/front page and use a different theme like the bp default for JUST the bp pages (activity, groups ect.)? It’s not ideal but would at least put the functionality back up for my members…



    Unfortunately no.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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