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Profile Field Filtering

  • gregfielding


    Everyone says they want this, but the BP Member Filter plugin doesn’t appear to be going anywhere. Maybe it’s getting worked into the core of some future release, but who knows what it will actually do.

    Right now, it is nearly impossible to find specific members in buddypress…For example, my site is real-estate-focused. It should be EASY to find a local agent or mortgage broker, but it’s virtually impossible. And, because they can’t be easily found, some are questioning the value in signing up for my site in the first place.

    Here’s the concept….

    Buddypress has profile fields. We should be able to search and sort by those fields.

    I need them by location (pre-loaded), but the same concept could apply to profession, hobby, shoe size, or astrological sign or whatever.

    For example, when someone clicks on my “Members” tab, there should be a drop-down box at the top of the page that filters by country…then, state, county, and city. Maybe there could be an option for additional filters beyond that, like my “profession” field.

    Since my site is news-ish, visitors could search blog posts the same way, finding posts specific to their location.

    Once this basic platform is set up, there are a ton of cool ways it could be used…

    Filter results RSS feeds would could created customized newsletters

    Sidebar widgets and activity streams could show community activity that match a member’s location (or shoe size or whatever).

    Profile Page Sidebars could display local activity.

    Using a visitor’s IP address, local member’s activity could automatically be shown…

    This could be the groundwork for an entire targeted advertising program, showing ads to specific groupings of people in specific locations.

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  • I think you can modify this params. I didnt’t test it yet.

    // Parse the user query arguments
    	$params = wp_parse_args( $args, array(
    		'type'            => 'active',     // active, newest, alphabetical, random or popular
    		'user_id'         => false,        // Pass a user_id to limit to only friend connections for this user
    		'exclude'         => 1,        // Users to exclude from results
    		'search_terms'    => false,        // Limit to users that match these search terms
    		'meta_key'        => false,        // Limit to users who have this piece of usermeta
    		'meta_value'      => false,        // With meta_key, limit to users where usermeta matches this value
    		'include'         => false,        // Pass comma separated list of user_ids to limit to only these users
    		'per_page'        => 20,           // The number of results to return per page
    		'page'            => 1,            // The page to return if limiting per page
    		'populate_extras' => true,         // Fetch the last active, where the user is a friend, total friend count, latest update
    		'count_total'     => 'count_query' // What kind of total user count to do, if any. 'count_query', 'sql_calc_found_rows', or false
    	) );
    $retvals = bp_core_get_users($args);
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