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Profile Field Visibility Settings

  • @mcuk


    Hi all,

    What is the difference between the visibility settings ‘Everyone’ and ‘All Members’ on a site where I’ve got custom code to prevent visibility of pretty much all BuddyPress pages to anyone except those logged in to the site? I assume the Everyone just means that things could be viewed by anyone who visited the site even if they weren’t a member.

    If there is none, is it safe to remove the ‘All Members’ setting via Dan’s filter in the link below? Or will there be conflicts with something else?

    Ideally it would be good to remove the ‘Everyone’ option, but I’m guessing this is the default (used for the Display Name setting for example) and would probably create more issues than it solves?

    WP 4.4.2
    BP 2.5.1

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  • r-a-y


    “Everyone” is public, “All Members” means someone has to be logged-in in order to view the field.



    Hi Ray. Yeah that’s what I assumed. Was just wondering what effects removing one from the Settings Visibility drop down would have (if any) as they currently seem to serve pretty much the same purpose on my site now (with the code I’ve introduced preventing visibility to non logged in users)




    I have a site where the members have to be logged in to see anything, and locked down so anyone not a member just gets redirected to the signup page.

    I want to remove the ‘everyone’ option from this list so members don’t get confused and think that their info or photos might be seen by non logged in members.

    This seemingly simple thing has me stumped; does anyone know how to remove one of the visibility options?



    hi @karmatiger,

    have you tried to hide this option via CSS ?
    The radio button “Everyone” is in by default. His visibility level is “public”.

    With CSS you can use li.public {display:none!important;}.
    Add this to your child-theme style.css or if you use a theme coming with his own custom CSS option, add it there.



    In case anyone runs into this forum topic looking for a similar fix. I needed to do two more things to get this perfect (thanks @danbp for the great start).

    Under each field, the default privacy is displayed, so you need to make sure that for every option you add, the default is either “All Members”, or “Only Me” so that “Everyone” doesn’t appear as a default under each field, despite the fact that you’ve hidden the option to chose it once the user hits the Change button.

    Additionally, under the name field, “Everyone” is the default, and it can’t be changed. This isn’t really accurate if you site is private, so I have hidden the line that says that the Name field is visible by Everyone with an additional CSS snippet.

    /* Remove Everyone option from Profile Fields to ease confusion on a private site */
    li.public {display:none!important;}
    #buddypress div#item-body div.profile form#profile-edit-form.standard-form.member-information div.editfield.field_1.field_name.required-field.visibility-public.field_type_textbox div#field-visibility-settings-toggle-1.field-visibility-settings-notoggle {display:none!important;}
Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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