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Profile Fields: Extremely Powerful

  • jvinch


    Wonderful module – these profile fields. In combination with Auto-Linking profile fields can be a great way to find people on your BP site with the same interests, in the same location etc. Great way to start a focused group or, at a minimum, build your friend list for networking purposes.

    One suggestion – can we consider allowing the upload of a CSV file when we select “drop-down select box” as field type? The obvious application here is the list of 50 States, 13 Canadian Provinces and Territories and the 8 Australian States/Territories but you drop-downs as a field type are also very handy if you want to control accuracy of user input so you’ll get more out of Auto-Linking later.

    In regards to Auto-Linking – there really should be a selector to enable this feature for text fields and multi-line text fields.

    Thoughts and feedback welcome.

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