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Profile image isn’t set

  • Nikelaos



    I’m a Buddypress Newbie so at first thank you for creating this plugin!

    After checking the Internet, the documentation here aswell as the support-forum, I didn’t find a solution for my problem. So I post it here.

    To the problem (BP 2.9.1, WP 4.8.2):
    In a WP-admin role I can load a profile image without any problem (even on all users). If I’m logged in with a none WP-admin role, I can’t.

    Logged in with a none-WP-admin role I can upload the image, and after cropping it a red bar appears, without any message in it. As I remember, the profile image updating is listed in the activities – but no image appears. I’ve checked the avatars-dirs in the WP-upload-dir, the image is stored. As a WP-admin, I get a green confirmation bar and the image is shown.

    My suggestion/solving approach:
    I have to update the capabilities of the non-admin-roles. I’ve tried and checked the “edit_users”-capability with the “users role editor”-Plugin, but this doesn’t work. I’ve tried to read the javascript-code, but didn’t find a hook to solve the problem (I’m a amateur-php-scripter and don’t have any experience with Javascript)

    Thank you for your support!

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